Francis family private vehicle restoration


1993 Z28 Camaro

I purchased this Camaro a few months ago. It has a LT1 V8 motor. I had to replace the Radiator and Fans and A/C Condenser and repair the core support because it was bent upward. I also put sound deading material thru the entire car and replaced the Carpet and the Headliner. Had to repair some electrical wires threw out the car because they had some sort of strobe system in it and had the harness all jacked up. I also replaced all the upper and lower control arm bushings and the Tie rod ends and the upper and lower ball joints. Put new front struts and rear shocks on it. Replaced the Water Pump, Replaced a couple heater hoses the A/C compressor, a couple light bulbs. Replaced the front nose clip because it was busted up. Replaced the stereo and added a sub with a small 250 watt amp. Now the car runs great and sounds great. All I need to do now is have the right rear quarter panel replaced correctly and a fresh coat of paint and she will be back as good as new.






Hear is a few break down parts layout diagrams

Intake exploded view

Fuel Rail explodedview 

EVAP System

Brake lines

Brakes Rear

Brakes Front

Throttle Body

Fuel system test

Front End Sheet Metal

Oil Cooler

Power Steering

Rack and Pinion

Vacuum Diagram

Wiper Motor