Francis family private vehicle restoration



Feb. 2011 went to junk yard and found an old 73’ F250 with aftermarket Air conditioner inquired about it and purchased the entire setup to include all hoses, condenser, pump, core support and all the mounting hardware and pulleys for $75. Brought it home disassembled it and cleaned it and painted it and replaced the heater core.


March 2011 started installing the AC unit the core support I got would not work because the inner fender wells did not match. So I modified my old core support to work. And had to drill a few holes in firewall to connect the inside AC unit. Got everything all connected all I have to do now is get it leak tested and charged and it should work great the heater side and the outside air vents all work great already tested them.


June 2012 Started working on the AC and then vacuumed it down and tried to refill it with freon well at present time it is still blowing hot air because I can not get the freon gauge to go into the green zone.


Here are a couple of pictures of the AC unit installed