Francis family private vehicle restoration




A few months after I bought the truck I read on on how to do a disk brake conversion cheap so I did. I pulled the complete I-Beam system from parts truck and replaced mine with it. Now I have disk brakes.

I also changed out the Master Cylinder with the parts truck and it started leaking. So I replaced it with a new one also replaced the rear wheels cylinders and the front calipers with new ones. I also used the proportioning valve from the parts truck.

The new Master Cylinder went bad and was leaking fluid everywhere so I replaced it with a newer ford truck MC from a 91 and everything was good.

May/June 2013: Now I have to work out this brake issue now they will not stop the truck at all at high speeds. They are hard and all the components are new except the Proportioning valve. I bled the entire system the other day and no air in ny of the lines and I also removed the MC and checked for leaking it was clean. I also used a hose to listen for air laks around the booster inside the cab and was good also. Then after it sat for about 24 hours I removed the vacuum line going to the booster and the booster was still holding pressure so it is not leaking. Checked all the new rubber lines they is no collapse or drag on the wheels. When brakes are applied the brake pads and shoes expand and retract like they are suppose to. So either the proportioning valve is bad orthe MC from the newer truck is putting to much pressure on the lines and causing all my problems. I need to research this with MC and see.