Francis family private vehicle restoration



April - May 2008: I repaired all the rust in cab which was not much 2 places in the floor pans and one place right under the right front fender and a small place there by the battery box. Welded new sheet metal in those places and painted it and undercoated the entire under side of the cab also repainted the entire inside of the Cab. All that need to be done to the inside is the seats. 

These are the pictures of the inside when I purchased it and that was the only rust in the cab of the old truck. 


This is what all I have done to the inside of the truck.



I have completely redone the inside of the cab of the truck going with a red and grey theme. For now going with the original bench seat but later they will be bucket seats. 



Aug. 2008: Here are a couple of pictures of the inside after reassembly. Still need to redo the seat.  






Here is the original Gauge cluster




I redone the gauge cluster again. Here are a couple of pictures of the cluster with the new gauges.


Here is a couple pictures of the shifter


Sept 2008: Here are a couple pictures of the stereo I mounted. I made the headliner out of 1/4" plywood and used a piece of the old head liner (I found at the junk yard it is the one that LMC sales for $200+) to mount the stereo/DVD player in and we made some special brackets for the 12.2" sun visor monitors. I also purchased the door panel add owns with the built in drink holder and speaker mount off EBay for $79. 




Aug 2010 Removed Bench seat and replaced it with bucket seats out of a dodge pickup also had a console built with a sub box in for a 10" sub.


Here are a couple of Photos of it.








Oct. 2010 Changed the steering column out to a tilt wheel GM Steering column.


Here is pictures of it installed