Francis family private vehicle restoration


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I have made and installed some lights to the bed of my truck, there where the 2 little holes are at the end by the tailgate. As soon as I get it wired up and some pictures made I will post them. I bought 2 1157 super bright LED bulbs from O'reilly's and 2 1157 enclosed taillight sockets (5010047) from advance Auto and 2 PCV valve rubber grommets(5707781) from advance auto parts. had to cut down the light holders to fit the holes in the bed and the same with the rubber grommets for the front of the lights a drimmel tools worked wonders on for this project.


Finished product after installtion


  Light after it is prepped


couple morre pictures


Medal bar after finished bending and welding. This is to hide the wires and make it look somewhat neat.


Night shot of lights Another view of welded bar



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