Francis family private vehicle restoration


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Feb 2008: I rebuilt a 351 Windsor. The engine is bored .060" over flat top pistons a larger cam a Performer Edelbrock intake and a 600cfm carburetor I am using a MSD Street Fire CD ignition box and high spark distributor and coil.

Here are a couple pictures of the motor in the rebuild stage.


Here are a couple of pictures after I am finished with original rebuild.












When I was finally ready in November 2008 to set the motor in, we installed the newly rebuilt motor and transmission (FMX) the motor would not crank we worked on it for about 3 days trying to get it crank. Finally gave up and called a mechanic and had him come over he spent roughly 4 hours messing with it and could not get it crank. I finally decided to check the wiring to the Coil and decided to reverse the wires because we could get power to it and nothing out of it and this with 4 different coils. Holy molly it cranked it ran rough and back fired and smoked like crazy but it cranked.  

Then I contacted MSD and told them the wiring problem and they said the MSD box was bad so I had it replaced and the new one did the same thing so I replaced the Street Fire with a MSD 6A and it did the same thing with the coil wires reversed it cranked and ran. Then came the fun stuff pulled #1 plug and the cylinder was full of water. Called the Machinist that did the work on it and had me remove the head and bring over to be rechecked and it checks out ok. So replaced the Head gasket and the Intake gaskets and tried again. Still ran rough and a lot of White smoke so removed intake again and noticed there was also oil in Cylinder’s 3 and 8 called the Machinist again and he came over and looked everything over and bottom line ended up tearing the engine down and carrying the block and both heads over to the shop and had them totally retested and redone and then replaced the rings and Rod/Main Bearings and all the Gaskets. 


Installed the engine in the truck again, and again it would not crank and after messing with the timing for a while it finally cranked and ran good for a while then started spitting and sputtering like it ran out of Gas. So I went the gas station got some gas and after messing with it for awhile it still would not crank so with all the other problems with the motor I decided to pull #1 plug and holy shit the cylinder had water in it again. So I called Summit Racing and spoke with their Tech Support the answer was they think I have a bad intake so they mailed me a New one at no cost to me and I replaced the Intake with new gaskets and re-torque it to specs and waited for the gasket sealer to dry and then tried again to crank the motor and after messing with timing it crank and ran very smoothly for a while and then it started acting like it was flooding and then it acted like it wasn’t getting any gas at all and then it would run fine. So I contacted Summit again and there response is a possible bad fuel pump need to check the Psi on the fuel pump if that checks ok, then check for internal leaks by removing the plugs and checking for oil on the threads of the plugs and external Intake leaks by using a can of Carburetor cleaner and spraying it on the intake around the seals and hold the engine at about 1500 RPM and see if it runs smoother and if those are ok then check the floats in the Carburetor. This is where I stand as of 13 Jan 2009.