Francis family private vehicle restoration


This site was originally dedicated to ATV’s but it has more recently been dedicated to all the old vehicles that we are restoring. So if you are here because of ATV’s or anything related I still have some ATV stuff at the bottom of the page so feel free to check it out. If you are interested in Old vehicle restoration feel free to check out this site for ideas and links to sites that we use for parts and instructions on how other people converted there vehicles as cheap as possible.  A few of the vehicles are displayed below feel free to click on the link on the left or the there pictures below for the full story.

Waiting on the paint job


My German Focus


My American Focus


My 1966 Ranchero

My 1968 Ranchero


My Brothers GMC

My Brothers 73 ford F100


1993 Z28 Camaro

9N Tractor

Brothers Buggy We Building

1985 Camaro V6, 5 Speed

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